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The era of the Finesse of Fierceness

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1 The era of the Finesse of Fierceness on Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:49 pm

The camera fades in backstage as Vivica Lockhart and Pandora are standing in front of a "Heaven Shall Burn" Banner.
Pandora: Tonight will be a night of surprises, especially for the one standing next to me, Vivica Lockhart. Vivica, do you feel that tonight will be the night you will win the Synthetic Breed Championship?
VL: For every stupid question, there's a smart answer. ever since I made my debut here in ATW, I have shocked the world like I always do, and today I will make the surprise of the century as I will become the first ever diva to become Synthetic Breed champion. So Hack3r!, Travis! Get ready for the ride of your lives!
Pandora: And if you don't mind me saying. Your outfit is remarkable!
VL: You got that right, this outfit cost more than your whole paycheck! ...and it will be complete once I have the The Synthetic Breed Championship around my waist and once I do, everyone will realize that no matter who you are or what you do, Vivica Lockhart is better than you!!
Vivica looks at Pandora with a grin on her face then leaves as the camera fades out

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