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hunting again

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1 hunting again on Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:19 pm

It's amazing. Just by her actions, the conditions of the Fear Factory Division have changed immensely with the appearance of the The first lady of hardcore,Era Dynamics. But now, with the end of the seison and the number one contendership so close to being in her grasp, Dynamics's got to keep her focus. She's one step away from gaining the change she wans, and she's become restless which isn't a good thing for her opponents. Will Era be able to keep her focus and gain the change she's working so hard go gain? Or will Era Dynamics lose it all? Let's find out shall we...

The night is hot and humid here in Houston for the first time in a very long time. The air is thick with moisture and electricity with the moon high in the night sky. The clouds are occasionally blocking the moon and stars as the thunder rumbles through the night sky. Inside of the hotel,Era Dynamics is more than a little restless. She's pacing back and forth, occasionally snarling, baring her fangs. Era Dynamics flops down in a chair, drumming her fingertips on the arm of the chair, just to hop back up and pace again, then flop back down in the chair.

Jack Johnson sighs watching his friend pace back and forth and shakes her head. Era Dynamics growls again, looking at her friend.

Era Dynamics: It's no fair Jack! I'm this close to holding gold, THIS CLOSE!! But instead of me enjoying myself I'm stuck here in this room! It's no fair!!

Jack Johnson looks at his friend and sighs heavily.

Jack Johnson: You are this close Era, this freaking close to having EVERYTHING you want! Don't you see? Can't you see? You need to have a clear mind and head in order to grab a hold to the very thing you want! You can't go gallivanting through the city when you're this close. Do you really think that Lord Humongous and Phenom The Vampire Lord are going out and partying? No, they're probably out...

Era Dynamics growls and digs her nails into the arm of the chair.

Era Dynamics: They're probably out living it up, having a grand old time, partying and stuff. Look, I don't want to go out and party, I just want to go out and clear my head, maybe go have a late night snack or something. IT won't do for me to be distracted. You know that. My head is cloudy, my focus is divided... it's like something is calling to me and trying to pull me away form what I know I can do.

Jack Johnson sighs and nods, then stands and walks to his room, opening a trunk that almost seems to have an eerie blue glow coming from inside of it. He pulls out a vial and looks at it and nods before closing the trunk back. He walks over to Era Dynamics and holds the vial out to his friend. Dynamics frowns, looking at it, then reaches out to take the vial from her manager.

Jack Johnson: You're right Era. You being distracted is one of the worst things to have happen. Listen, I know you're hungry, but before you go out on a hunting trip, I want you to use this. It will disguise you. The last thing we need is a line of fans begging you to bite them or something. And we DEFINITELY don't need any bad PR

Era Dynamics grins and looks at the vial, then jumps up, running to her suitcase, pulling out clothes. She turns her back and pulls off her shirt, then pulls on a black latex shirt over it, pulling out her corset and pulling it around her body. She backs up to Jack who begins to lace it tight.

Era Dynamics: Hey, I resent that remark. And everyone of the men whose necks I chewed on tasted very sweet to me. You can never know the feeling of the life force as it slides down my throat. Just as you can never know the true feeling of stepping into the ring until you do it. WHICH by the way, if you ever go and finish the preparations of your contract, hopefully you will be doing that very thing within the next few weeks. But, anyways, thanks Jack. I promise, I just need to get out and spread my wings. I'll be back in enough time to finish training before the show.

Jack Johnson smiles and waves as Era Dynamics opens the window. With a flutter of her trench coat, Era leaps out of the window and is out of sight. The shot pulls up to the moon and out of the window, staring at the clouds as the scene fades.

......:::{End of Scene}:::......

OOC: i had permission from TBH to use his character for the rp by pm.

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