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Machine's Bio

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1 Machine's Bio on Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:55 am

Name: Machine

Level: 22

Class: Speed

Height: 5.8 ft

weight: 180 lb.

Appearance: He wears a black t-shirt no sides, black tights with a white "M" logo on the front and back(inverted colors on left/right sides). He has medium-long black hair.

Nickname: Mr. Hardcore

Trademark moves: Ultimate Padlock(Ultimate Armbar), Perfect Malfunction(One-arm DDT), Imperfect Impaler(Modified Spear)

Taunts: Impact is coming, Well oiled Machine, Dancing Machine

Finishers: Imperfect Impact, Screw Tightener, Perfect Spear

Weapon of choice: Stop sign

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Lv: 550

Championships won: MWA Tag Team Championship, DWO Tag Team Championships, DWO Torque Championship.

Biography: Machine was a young man, in search of peace in the world, he dedicated himself to mastering every type of martial art in the world, after completing his training, he joined pro wrestling. first he joined Roller coaster wrestling federation, he then made his name known on BWF War Zone, becoming the very first Hardcore Champion. Machine prefers to use Hardcore tactics in his matches, after becoming very experienced with his signature Stop Sign, which was used in his training. Machine believes in doing the right thing, and stopping those who do wrong. He formerly hailed as half of MWA's Tag Team Champions, after winning a 4-way Hardcore tag team title match. Recently he participated in the Next gen/Originals Extreme Warfare match at Revolution. Machine was entered in MWA's Lethal Lottery tournament until his randomly selected partner("Dark Wolf"Alexander Ritter) turned on him. At Winter War, Machine won MWA's first ever "Mushroom Kingdom Deathmatch". Machine is now wrestles under Divac Riddle's DWO promotion where he has had title runs with the DWO Tag Team Championships(with War Wolf) and the DWO Torque Championship. Recently, he's seen the darker side of life, and his promos, and in ring action reflects that. Briefly he was in the federation Insane Hardcore Wrestling until it closed down. He now wrestles for Archetype Wrestling.

Entrance: (music) blasts on the speaker as Machine walks from backstage, onto the stage. He taunts on the stage, before walking down the ramp high-5ing fans on the way down, he then slides under the bottom rope, into the ring, and strikes a pose.

Entrance theme: "Seed" by Dust For Life


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2 Re: Machine's Bio on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:34 pm

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