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Just thought I'd mention.

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1 Just thought I'd mention. on Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:46 pm

The ATW arena is alive with the sounds of screams, cheers and shouts. The camera pans the arena and shows that the arena is packed to capacity and then some. The overcrowding is so bad that some in attendance have been forced to sit on other people's laps. A low pitched, rumbling drum roll is heard as Deaf Havana's "Friends like these" begins to play out over the arena's PA systems. The crowd go wild. Hack3r appears at the top of the entrance ramp wearing an expensive looking black suit. He walks to the ring solemnly and climbs inside the squared circle with out even stopping to shake the hands of his fans. The brit calls for a microphone and then the lights in the arena go down. Several pillars of fire strategically placed around the arena begin to burn which casts an eerie glow around the building. Hack3r raises the microphone to his lips.

Hack3r: This is a sad day indeed. As you no doubt saw on wednesday me and Cornelius met a "friendly" farmer named Jersey. I say friendly loosely. He was friendly up until the point he decided to shoot my furry friend.

The crowd begin to boo loudly. The boos rise in magnitude until all that can be heard is a wall of negativity.

Hack3r: I know, I know. There's nothing that can be done. It's in the past and it's gone. With that in mind though I bring you forward in to the present. Here, tonight, our 4th PPV "To Harvest The Storm". I can officially inform y'all that Cornelius isn't dead. He is, however, in a critical condition in the hospital. The shooter has been arrested and is awaiting trial for "illegal hunting". It's not what I'd try him under. If I'm honest, I'd try him under murder but whatever.

The temporary occupants of the arena cheer in agreement and begin to chant "Cornelius, Cornelius, Cornelius".

Hack3r: I'm not particularly in a talking mood tonight so that's all I have to say. My opponent tonight is Taylor J. So Tay, get out here!

Taylor J's music begins to play as Hack3r removes his suit jacket to show his wrestling gear underneath. The brit walks to his corner and begins to prepare himself for his match.

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