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Wildthing and Psycho dad's discussion @ the ppv

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Fade in to Wildthing's Locker room where Wildthing and Psycho Dad are sitting down and staring at each other face to face with a sincere look.

Psycho Dad: So you actually did say that?

Wildthing (grinning): Yeah, I did.

Psycho Dad laughs.

Psycho Dad: Wow, you were actually going to eat Alparslan's bird? Man! I give you kudos for originality. Although, personally I would have it with BBQ sauce and a side order of fries. So tonight is your big night in the Hangman's match. Try not to be nervous, because one slight sense of nervousness could effect your entire match.

Wildthing: I understand that, but how come you aren't going to be at ringside?

Psycho Dad: Ahh, your opponent begged the GM to bar me from ringside. Apparently, deep down inside of him, he's a chicken; which explains his relationship a bit with that phoenix of his.

Wildthing: Alright, I'll make sure to bring a souvenir back after my match.

Wildthing stands up, walks pass Psycho Dad, and heads out the door.

Psycho Dad: Good Luck, Wildthing.

The camera fades to black.

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