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Cornelius' fate part III

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1 Cornelius' fate part III on Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:56 am

The camera zooms around the arena and then cuts to the titan tron where we can once again see Hack3r and Jersey who're now stood outside with a field of potato flowers in the background. Jersey is leaning against the fence and has a shotgun propped up against the fence next to him. Hack3r looks decidedly uncomfortable.

Hack3r: I figured that since Cornelius is indisposed I would take the opportunity to ask Jersey some more questions. Once again can I thank you on your hospitality.

Jersey: Ohh-arr.

Hack3r: Uhh yeah k. So, how're the crops this year?

Jersey: They're the best they've ever been. We've won awards ya-know?

Hack3r: Oh you have have you? Why'd you think your potatoes are so great?

Jersey: It's 'cos of the fertilizer I use. It's special ya-know? Ohh-arr. I 'are very much about my 'taters. They're my 'ife and I'd 'tect umm until the great goddess Gaia decides to reclaim me.

Hack3r: D'you mean you'd protect them until you die? And what's special about the fertilizer you use?

Jersey: That's what I said.

Hack3r: Ohh yeah, sorry, my mistake ...

Jersey: The fertilizer I use has essence of farmar in it.

Hack3r: Uhh, how?

Jersey: Did'chu see the jar I had earlier?

The wrestler looks around kind of awkwardly in an attempt to try and talk about anything other than the farmer's "special" fertilizer.

Hack3r: Not to impose or anything but what's that gun about?

Jersey: This? Ohh-arr?

The farmer picks up the gun and swings it around in his hands as the sound of a toilet flushing can be heard.

Jersey: Well ya see. At this time 'o' year there's a lot of them there 'abbits. Those 'abbits eat ma 'taters. Now obbiously I can't havvat can I?

Hack3r: Uhh I guess not? Are you any good with it?

Jersey: Ohh-arr. I've won awards and thart. Did'chu not see 'em back in the hut?

Hack3r: Oh yes! I saw those.

Hack3r looks around again and notices a swollen little mass of white fur out in the distance. He squints his eyes and realises what the ball of fur is. Unfortunately Jersey notices it too. With surprising skill and speed the farmer cocks and fires the gun before Hack3r can tackle him to the floor. Jersey kicks Hack3r off of him and rolls over while scrabbling to reach his gun. Hack3r kips up and manages to kick the gun out of the reach of the farmer. Hack3r stands above the farmer who's looking up with pleading eyes but Hack3r ignores this and jumps high into the air, brings his foot down hard into the back of Jersey's head knocking him out cold.

Hack3r: Looks like you've just lost the game.

Hack3r looks proud after his little quip but realisation soon sets in and he athletically jumps the fence and begins running through the field of potatoes. To his right he can see a deep, foul smelling trench that's obviously connected to the out house that Cornelius was in. The camera zooms out as Hack3r's screams can be heard. The camera fades to black.

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