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Cornelius' fate part I

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1 Cornelius' fate part I on Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:01 am

The crowd in the ATW arena are buzzing, almost hive like in their cheers. The camera sweeps around the arena giving a better estimation of the magnitude of fans that the arena can hold. With out much warning the titan tron lights up with life and we can see Hack3r sitting in a car driving with his rabbit, Cornelius, sat in a specialised child seat wearing a gold medal around his neck. The camera shot is all grainy as if it's being streamed live from a mobile.

Hack3r: Oh hey guys! I can't be there tonight for obvious reasons -

Cornelius lifts up his medal and shows it to the camera.

Hack3r: So I figured I'd use some electrickery to talk to you guys tonight! I hope you don't mind.

The crowd in the arena start screaming with joy, proving they, in fact, don't mind.

Hack3r: That's good to hear! I've got to go for now because my fuel gauge is starting to fall towards the lower end which can only mean one thing. I'm running out.

Cornelius raises his paw as if pointing out of the window. Hack3r follows the line of sight and when he sees what Cornelius was pointing at he makes a noise of agreement.

Hack3r: That's a good idea!

Hack3r turns the wheel of the car and drives for about 30 seconds. At this point the camera begins to visibly shake which implies that the car's on uneven ground. This shaking continues for another 45 seconds and soon the car comes to a stop. Hack3r unbelts his safety harness, steps out of the car, walks around the other side of the vehicle and unhinges Cornelius from his chair. He then picks up the camera from the dashboard and turns so that a picture of a sign that says "Mr Po's 'Tater farm" can be seen in the background.

Hack3r: I'm sure this will be safe! I'll check in with you guys later!

The camera fades out and we're returned to a shot of the ATW arena once more.

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