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Lightning Never Strikes Twice... Or Does It?

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1 Lightning Never Strikes Twice... Or Does It? on Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:50 am

In his basement training room, Adam Nedman sits cross-legged, deep in meditation as part of his pre-match warm up routine.

Suddenly and nonchalantly, Pandora and her camera crew burst in. Just as Nedman is about to open his mouth in complaint...

Pandora: Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't I know how to knock? Blah-de-blah-de-blah!

One of Pandora's crew hands her a portable monitor/tablet PC, she fiddles with the controls and turns it so that the screen faces Nedman.

Pandora: Tonight you team up with Voltzandre to challenge ReEvolution Champion, Khaos and the World Archetype Champion, Chris "Action" Jackson in a Champions Versus Contenders tag team match. Now, take a look at this.

She shows a video clip of Nedman's ReEvolution Title defense against Khaos at Fade To Black:

Khaos jumps up and grabs his opponent by the neck forcing his head down onto his upraised knees executing a LEGENDARY Khaos Unleashed
Blood starts gushing out of Adam's broken nose
Ring Announcer: Here's your winner and the NEEEEEEW ReEvolution Champion, KHAOOOOOOOOOOS!

As the clip ends, she hands the monitor back to her crew member.

Pandora: Are you worried Khaos is going to do that again?

Nedman: You know what they say, Pandora. Lightning NEVER strikes twice.

Pandora: Actually, lightning occurs frequently and more so in specific areas. Since various factors alter the probability of strikes at any given location, repeat lightning strikes have a very low probability but are not impossible.

He stares at her, slack-jawed.

Pandora: What? I watch the Discovery Channel. Big Deal.

And the shot fades out.

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