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down into a ring of fire

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1 down into a ring of fire on Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:10 pm

The lights in the arena go out. But suddenly the arena is lit up by a giant orb of fire floating above the ring. The fans in the arena begin to grab there ears as the high pitched whistle sound begins to come from with in the orb as it slowly lowers into the middle of the ring. Some fans begin to cover there eyes as they turn red. Some fans begin to fall to their knees and pray.

Connor Danielson: What is this? Are we being invaded by aliens?

Christian Ghost: Isnt this a fire hazard?

The orb starts to spin uncontroably until the orb fades to nothing-ness. A shadowy figure is now standing there in the middle of the ring. With in the darkness of the ring the figure raises his hands and lightning strikes the four corners of the ring. As the crackle of thunder fills the arena the lights return to normal.

Connor Danielson: It's Wolvian? He has returned!

Christian Ghost: Have to give him points for a great entrance!

Wolvian raises his head and looks out into the crowd. He then place the microphone up to his lips.

Wolvian: The time has come for all of you to repant for you past deeds! When I first came here I warned you all that the end of days was coming! Well now it is here!

Connor Danielson: What does he mean?

Wolvian: I am no longer the messanger of Darkness, I have ascended to become the Archangel of the Apocalypse! For all the pretenders out there to all of you at home. Your souls belong to me now. For Judgement day is here.... And all of you are damned!

Wolvian leans back and begins to laugh with an evil grin on his face. Wolvian then looks up the ramp and begins to speak again.

Wolvian: I first want to address a few things from while I was gone. First Mr. Jackson can have the title I dont want it. It is a meaningless thing to me now! As for Voltzandre, Good luck tonight, you're going to need it. As your piece has been moved across the board to where it is needed to be. I hope you appreciate the gifts I have given you this season!

Wolvian gives off a chuckle then turns his attention back to the entrance.

Wolvian: Now onto more current events. There is a kid backstage that is a pretender to my throne! He claimes to be the darkness, the stealer of souls! Well it's time for him to reap what he has laid before you all. It is time for him to step up to the true king and make his claim to my face! That is unless he is afraid of what he truly is.....

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