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Destructive bird

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1 Destructive bird on Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:18 am

Liger is walking down the ramp to the ring and asks for a microphone. He climbs into the ring and raises the microphone to speak as a man in a cloak runs into the ring with a bat hitting Liger across the head knocking him out.

Christian Ghost: What the?

Connor Danielson: Who is that?

The man takes off the cloak and reveals that he is Alparslan.

Alparslan: Wild, this is an example of what I am gonna do to you.

Alparslan picks Liger up.

Alparslan: no offence but it looks like you're gonna be in the hospital for a while.

Alparslan grabs Jushin "Thunder" Liger's head from behind and making a twist of 180° slams his face on the ground connecting a devastating Twisting DDT!!
Alparslan approaches his laying opponent
and strikes his forehead with a powerful Knee Stomp!!

Connor Danielson: What is he doing?

Christian Ghost: He is making a example out of Liger!

Alparslan grabs a chair from the floor
and hits Liger on his nose executing a devastating chair shot!!

Alparslan Keeps hammering Liger with the chair for a while. after several hits Alparslan stops and takes the mic.

Alparslan: bring it to me!

A man comes with a rope and gives it to Alparslan asLiger tries to get up.

Alparslan applies a Body scissors
Alparslan then Wraps the Rope around Liger's neck
Alparslan Starts choking Liger
Liger faints away!

Christian Ghost: That folks is what Alparslan will do Against Wildthing this sunday!

Alparslan releases the hold and gets up and exits the ring.

Alparslan: You know what? I might as well finish you off.

Alparslan re-enters the ring and takes the steel chair.

Alparslan wraps the chair around Liger's neck
Alparslan kick Jushin "Thunder" Liger into a bent position
then jumps placing his legs above Jushin "Thunder" Liger head slamming him down executing LEGENDARY Fame Kisser with a chair!!

Connor Danielson: are you kidding me?!? A fame kisser while there's a chair around his neck! He could be out for months!

Alparslan picks up Liger, who still has the chair wrapped around his neck
Alparslan suddenly turns him around and does a neckbreaker. Alparslan exits the ring and finds a table

Connor Danielson: How come no one's trying to stop him?

Christian Ghost: Okay, why don't you go stop the guys who is rampaging?

Connor Danielson: I'll pass

Alparslan sets the table up and pulls Liger up from the floor. He then lifts Liger on his shoulders and slams him through the table. Liger just lies there motionless. Alparslan exits the ring as People arrive and put Liger on a stretcher.

Alparslan: WILDY YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Pyro starts as Alparslan heads backstage.


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