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undying flame (someone help me find better names please)

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Fire it up by TFK starts playing and Alparslan comes walking down to the ring.

Christian Ghost: Ah, there you have him, the future of ATW. The phoenix himself Alparslan

Connor Danielson: When did you become a Alparslan fan?

Christian Ghost: How can you not be an Alparslan fan? I mean he has all of what you need to be in a major wrestling company, I mean he has the power, the charisma, the intellectualness and he looks handsome.

Connor Danielson: What did you just say?

Christian Ghost: uhmmm my sister told me.

Connor Danielson: What ever. Hey I think he is gonna say something.

Alparslan: Last Wednesday I proved that wildthing just got lucky in our last man standing match. And I proved it by dismantling his body. Just take a look

The titan tron shows some of Alparslan's highlights from Wednesday's match

Alparslan: Wildy. I was raised to believe in talking and sorting out differences, I might not have been showing it lately but I've gone though some stuff and know I really just want to talk with

The crowd gives a mixed reaction

Alparslan: So please Wildthing come here to the ring, but please let your manager stay behind.

Alparslan looks at the fans.

Alparslan: Everyone who think that Psycho dad is creepy as hell say burn


Alparslan: Well I am waiting wildy.

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Suddenly Wildthing played by the X's is heard throughout the stadium, and Wildthing walks out from backstage with a confident look on his face as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He then ask for a microphone and raises it up to his lips.

Wildthing: You know...

The crowd starts to cheer for Wildthing.

Wildthing:(grinning) That's right it is I, Wildthing, the only one there is right now. No tricks. Although, you are right about one thing Parsley, Psycho dad maybe creepy, but you should know Wildthing is way worse. Sure I maybe a remake of the original Wildthing, but I got to say that I regret not a single thing to losing to that Last Man Standing match Wednesday, especially after seeing a video footage of this.

Wildthing points to the titan tron while staring at Alparslan. The titan tron screen begins to show video footages of the original Wildthing driving an opponent through a firey table, then another match beating an opponent to a bloody pulp with brass knuckles. The titan tron then goes off.

Connor: Wow, I really wouldn't have thought that this Wildthing came from that Wildthing in a million years.

Wildthing: I wouldn't mind showing you more, but some of the images were a bit too graphic. That is what I have to live up to. So, what was it that you wanted to get off your chest?

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Alparslan: First of all please don't speak in third person. ever.

Alparslan looks at Wildthing.

Alparslan: But really Wildy. the new Wildthing? A reincarnation?

Alparslan laughs a little and suddenly 7 people comes from behind Wildthing.

Alparslan: If you truly are a reincarnation of this former Wildthing. I hope you liked the reincarnation process because you will undergo that once more when I'm done with you.

Alparslan walks right up to wildthing.

Alparslan: Wildy. I am the mouth every ear wants to listen to. I am the body every eye wants to see.

Alparslan pushes Wildthing.

Alparslan: I'll take your name, to further my fame. Your bones I will break, with the power of an

OOC: awww shit ima poet

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Wildthing stares at the Alparslan and then at the seven other men.

Wildthing: Now I remember who you remind me of. You remind me of the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, because the both of you only wished you had a brain.

Wildthing drops the microphone and punches Alparslan in the stomach. Before the seven other men could do anything, Wildthing grabs Alparslan by the collar and pants and tosses him to the seven guys and Wildthing slips out of the ring and up to the ramp holding his two hands in the air creating the Wildthing symbol.

Christian: Man, Wildthing might be clever in being able to distract Alparslan right now, but he won't be able to do that again in the Hangman's Match.

Connor: I don't think he'll run away after seeing his preceded self. He's in it to win it.

Christian: Maybe you should leave the poem stuff to Alparslan, at least his makes sense.

Connor: Don't kiss up to him Christian.

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