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Enter in Irish

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1 Enter in Irish on Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:21 pm

-A man walks in with the camera behind his back it shows him wearing a green leather jacket walking past some backstage crewmen and women-

-He reaches a locker room and enters it he heads to a corner and throws his bag on the floor next to it and opens it while another worker walks over to him-

Worker: Hey boys check this guy out. Hey pencil neck, how are ya?

-The man ignores and hangs up some tights and countiues to search his bag-

Worker: I said-

-The worker turns him around-

Worker: HOW ARE YA?!?

-The worker punches the man in the face he falls to one knee and shakes his head as the workers buddies come over and start beating him up as well after what seems 3 minitues of beating down the young man they stop-

Worker: Ha, HA! That was fun.

Worker 2: Yeah. Look at him. He's still trying to get up!

Worker 3: How did somebody like thi-

-The young man gives one of the workers a low blow and climbs to his feet and starts punching both workers who he did not hit then turns to the one he low blowed and hits a superkick on him-

Worker 2: What the hell?

-The young man gives a superkick to another worker as he falls the worker who started the whole thing starts to move away-

Worker: H-Hey man, come on. I-I was only joking dude. Please uh, I didn't mean any harm- Ah crap!

-The worker is backed into a corner as the young man grabs the worker by the throat-

Worker: Who the hell are you?!?

Man:...I'm Sean Libby!

-The man now known as Sean Libby tosses the worker on the floor then turns him around and hits him with a chop and when the worker makes a full turn around Libby hits him in the face with a superkick-

-With all the men laid out Libby goes back to his locker hanging up his stuff as the camera goes black-


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