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A new champ is born

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1 A new champ is born on Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:37 am

An eager crowd waits for the next wrestler to appear. As they hear Travis Touchdown's theme, he enters the arena with his new Synthetic Breed Championship belt on his shoulders. He poses with it at the top of the ramp before walking to the ring. He grabs a mic and walks around the ring, holding his title in the air with one hand.

Travis Touchdown: Well here it is ATW. It's right here where it was supposed to be the whole damn time. On my shoulders, or in my hands or even around my waist. It was meant to be with me. And I only needed one match. Now that I have my title it feels right.

The crowd cheers Travis

Travis Touchdown: Hell, it actually feels even better than when I had my Undefeated title. It's new, it's fresh.

Travis pauses for a moment.

Travis Touchdown: But of course with a title comes new contestants, jealousy and all that jazz. And I'm ready for it, I have lived it when having the Undefeated Championship, and I'm ready to do it again with this one. But I heard one person in particular that was really eager to get this title. You might know her, her name is no other than... VIVICA LOCKHART!

The crowd erupts as they here the name.

Travis Touchdown: That was my reaction too! Vivica wanting this title? A foxy little thing like that wants to get down with me? Well any time baby. But it won't be happening in a ring, if you know what I'm saying.

The crowd laughs

Travis Touchdown: I've got all we need at home. I'll put up a nice bottle of cold champagne, set up a nice dinner with candles, then a few rose petals on the bed and let the night be magic. What do you say? Then we could talk about that whole title thing.

The crowd screems "Woooowooo" and a few whistle.

Travis Touchdown: Because you see I can't hit women, I'm a gentle guy. I'd rather take you out for dinner than take you out with my fists. So I'm waiting for your answer baby, please come here and let's discuss it.

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2 Re: A new champ is born on Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:59 am

Travis gets interrupted as "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack plays in the arena. The titan tron goes static as Naven X makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He pauses looking at Travis with his title in his shoulder and grins. He takes a microphone and begins to speak.

Naven X: Before I start... I would like to congratulate you for becoming the new synthetic breed champion. Didn't think you could do it but I was wrong.

Naven begins clapping as the crowd goes along with the applause.

Naven X: Now! You said something before I got here that is really true. There are so many people that will now go for that championship, Vivica for one, but their is also someone else who wants your title even more.

Naven looks at Travis...

Naven X: And that person is ME!

The crowd becomes ecstatic as Naven points at the synthetic breed title.

Naven X: You see Vivica had traded our tag title shot for a synthetic breed title shot... but only one can be the #1 contender. So you can talk about Vivica wanting your title, but she has to go through me first! So what you gotta say about that...champ?

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3 Re: A new champ is born on Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:21 am

Travis Touchdown: Well, well, well, I didn't expect that. The former tag team partner of Vivica backstabbing her in front of the whole ATW. Real smooth thing to do to a girl Naven. You must be a lonely guy.

The crowd laughs.

Travis Touchdown: Plus haven't your parents taught you any manners. You must always wait for your turn. So get in line, wait until the first person is done before doing your business. Be a gentleman. Why would she have to go through you to get to me? All the ladies can have a piece of the Touchdown anytime they want. So leave the girl alone and we'll talk about your title shot some other time. What do you say?

(OCC: I think Viv can take care of the next reply).

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4 Re: A new champ is born on Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:24 am

VL: Boys....Boys...Boys!!

A familiar voice comes from backstage. The crowd reacts to the boos as Vivica Lockhart walks in with a mic in her hand. She slowly walks down the ramp and continues talking as she does so.

VL: Let me put you both and all of you worthless people's minds at ease. Because the way I see it, both of you want me so bad!

Vivica pauses and takes a picture with a fan, then she takes the fans camera and breaks it into little pieces. She steps in to the ring standing between Naven and Travis.

VL: But what you two need to know, is that is that you will never get a chance.

Vivica sets her sights on Naven X

VL:'Cause you see Naven, I won that tag match at Fade to Black, and that's why I traded the tag title shot for a Synthetic Breed title shot. So I'm next in line for that belt and I will win. As for you, you need to go to the back of the line where you belong!

The crowd boos but Vivica then turn her eyes at Travis Touchdown and slowly talks in his direction.

VL: Well, well, you look better than I expected, beautiful in every detail, so good that I should have you in my arms right now!

Vivica begins touching and caressing the Synthetic Breed Championship... she grins at Travis who seems well interested.

VL: And by the way Travis, I was talking about the title...

The crowd boos.

VL: Because it doesn't matter if it's you or your opponent at the PPV I am going to get that title so I can put it around my fine waist and show the world that I am more than just a pretty face. But, if it is you Travis I am more of a women then you can handle!

Vivica touches Travis's chest then takes a step back.

VL: and there's nothing you boys or any one here in ATW can do about it!

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5 Re: A new champ is born on Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:06 pm

A ring of fireworks goes off around the Titantron as the metal monster seems to be coming to life. It shows Phenom inside his office sitting in his leather chair with his feet up his desk watching the show on a giant plasma TV.

Phenom: I hate interrupting you kids, but last time i checked, i call the shots around here.

The crowd boos him as usual.

Phenom: The way i see it... we could have a cool match tonight. Let's say... Vivica and Travis versus Naven and Hero.

Some of the fans start cheering.

Phenom: And we could do it right now!

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6 Re: A new champ is born on Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:13 am

Conner Danielson: Whoa, an impromptu tag match is happening right now!

Christian Ghost: The boss knows best! And this is going to be the first time Naven and Vivica are at opposite sides. Let's see what they got!

Naven removes his trenchcoat and throws it outside the ring.

Naven X: So What are we waiting for?, Come on Hero!, get out here!

Naven stands by his corner warming up as hero makes his way to the ring as the match begins.

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