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The Rise and fall of Razor Edge and now the COMEBACK

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Razor Edge started out young at the age of 16 he was 6'0 and was a solid 220 pounds(back then known as John Cena) he had his first contract into FMW he went there with a purpose to train and become the best that he could be. he did just that and spent his first few months undefeated. but that purpose was changed when he met his long lost father. confused and unsure how to handle the shock he then spent the next few months changing between a Face trying to win his fathers love. When he had finally had enough of be helpless and unneeded he had Changed his name to Razor Edge and became a full blown heel. Razor Edge within the first two months had killed two superstars in FMW and became the Carnage Champion after losing the championship he was then going after his father and the title. Time after Time he had fought, backstabbed, and clawed his way to the top to fight his father and was then repeatedly beaten. Untill finally in a Triple threat match Razor Edge had Beaten both his father and his Rival. He was at the top of the mountain to only find out that the federation the next day would be closing. so after a few broken body's, a few blood stained carpets, and a few broken tables Razor Edge turned in his World title belt and walked away from wrestling. He was only 18. 5 years has passed and none have heard from him. Few have seen him fight in smaller federations but he has stayed off the radar... till now!

Coming back into wrestling Razor Edge has been to Russia, China, Germany, and all over the US training now a outstanding 6'3 and a very solid 295 pounds he has brought his very balanced style back. who knows how he will act heel? where he dominated and destroyed those in his path? or Face where he helped those rise to the top? the future is unknown but he has come back to write a new chapter in his still young life

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