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Crazy Training!?

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1 Crazy Training!? on Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:59 am

Fade in to announcer's table with Christian and Connor.

Connor: What a night so far it has been hasn't it?

Christian: You took the words right out of my mouth Christian, but what is really a scary morning though.

Connor: Oh why is that?

Christian: Well earlier this morning a camera man was able to get footage of a training session with Wildthing and his manager Psycho Dad, and I would like to say that this footage may be a bit graphic.


Psycho Dad is standing in front of Wildthing with a sincere look on his face.

Psycho dad: So right now we have covered the basics last week. This week we are going to cover the understanding of intense training.

Wildthing is looking down at his feet and sees a couple of cement bags.

Wildthing: So what are these for?

Psycho dad: Those are left overs, I'd figure we should save them for later on. This is what I want to show you.

Psycho dad points over to a huge out of ground pool made of cement with a blue tarp.

Wildthing: Let me guess you want me to go swimming in that cement pool and look for something?

Psycho dad: Yes and yes. You have to get a set of keys out of there, but there is a catch.

Psycho dad pulls off the tarp revealing sharp sewing needles. Wildthing looks distressed then looked at Psycho Dad.

Wildthing: You really are 'psycho' aren't you?

Psycho dad: Listen right now we are under a time limit you see, there are keys down there that a female fan of your's let me have to give to you.

Wildthing: Well, why don't you go in and get it?

Psycho dad: Because doctors have told me not to be around sharp objects for a while. Plus this is your training.

Wildthing: Okay. Sheesh for a manager, you sure are weak.

Wildthing jumps into the pool full of sewing needles while Psycho Dad just stares at the camera with a sincere look on his face.

Psycho Dad: Please do not try this at home, he is a professional maniac, plus we are also too trying to win money on that tv show where you send in your hilarious videos.

Wildthing comes up with needles sticking all over him, some are jagged in to him a bit deep. Psycho dad turns around.

Psycho Dad: Find anything yet?

Wildthing: No.

Psycho dad: Well don't worry about it; there is no keys, and no girls whatsoever. I was testing you.

Wildthing [growling]: For what!?

Psycho dad: For what?! I am training you with psychologicalness. In order to claim your title for real, Wildthing, you must prove not only to me but all those fans out there.

Wildthing nods and climbs out of the pool.

Wildthing: I see.

Psycho dad: However as a reward Wildthing, this is for you.

Psycho dad pulls out a huge magnet from underneath his flanel jacket.

Psycho dad: This will get the sewing needles out of you quick. The bleeding should stop soon because not all of those needles were sharpened.

Psycho dad walks away laughing while Wildthing is dumbfounded about what just took place. The camera fades out to black.

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