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It's All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating

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OOC: I literally fell asleep while writing this. I hope it doesn't inspire the same in its readers.

The shot opens on Pandora heading down a flight of stairs and into the barely lit passageways of the basement level of the ATW Arena. She waltzes through the door to Adam Nedman's training room just in time to catch him snapping the straps of his singlet into place. He turns to face her.

Nedman: Never heard of knocking?

Pandora: Heard of it, but I'm not a fan. Anyway, tonight, you're teaming with Shawn Vincent against SuPeR and the World Archetype Champion, Chris "Action" Jackson. You must be looking forward to that.

He begins to pull on his boots.

Nedman: Let's see. I beat SuPeR in my ATW debut, but I've never faced Jackson in ATW, and who wouldn't want to get a chance at the World Archetype Champion.

Pandora: And Shawn Vincent?

Nedman: Hmm. I've tagged with Shawn Vincent before in a thrown together team. We were moderately successful. However, when our partnership went the way of the pear, that was the start of the most successful part of my wrestling career. They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Well in this case...

He gets to his feet, slips his hooded top over his head and makes his way out of the room.

Nedman: I'd be quite happy to repeat it.

The shot fades to black.

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