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The Kept Promise. - The Mafia-

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1 The Kept Promise. - The Mafia- on Sun May 29, 2011 11:54 pm

The Lights go dark suddenly... Then pyros goes off around the Titantron and all of the ATW fans cheer rapidly as Frontline by Pillar goes off and Def-jam walks out onto the ramp. He is seen with his usual attire, shades, the Mafia T-shirt, torn jeans, and a leather jacket, but this time he is now wearing his new Title belt over his shoulder. He pats on the title and then taunts to the crowd as pyro goes off again. He then goes from side to side slapping fan's hands. After going around the ring slapping fan's hands, he climbs onto the turnbuckle and holds his title up high. Finally the lights go normal and he walks into the center of the ring, mic in hand


The fans cheer.

Def-jam: I see a lot of you are as excited as I am, that The Legend of Xtreme has battled the Hardcore Minion of The Darkness, and come back with the Demanufacture championship!

The crowd cheers, some fan being chanting "hardcore hardcore hardcore

Def-jam: I promised you guys from the start that I would achieve this, and I can only thank my true die hard fans for sticking it with me even when I wasn't at 100%.

Most of ATW Cheers while the others just clap.

Def-jam: Yea, And Also, I couldn't do it with out my Closest Buds. THE MAFIA!

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2 Re: The Kept Promise. - The Mafia- on Tue May 31, 2011 2:48 am

The crowd chants "the Mafia" as Def-jam does his part of the Mafia's Taunt.

Def-jam: ATW now has the most undeniable, Un-Questionable, most hardcore Champion in ATW History! and you know why? CUS IM THE LEGEND OF XTREEEEEEEEEEEME, DEEEEEEEEEEEF- JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.

Frontline by Pillar goes off as Def-Jam rolls out of the ring. He slaps some fan's hands, letting some touch his title as he walks up the ramp and to the backstage

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