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Mafia Punks

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1 Mafia Punks on Sun May 29, 2011 11:13 pm

Voltzandre walks inside A.A.T.O's locker room and finds Super sleeping while Arctic Terror is playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Ps3. Voltzandre grabs a controller and start playing and puts the volume up to wake up Super. The sounds of bullets wakes the giant man who throw himself to the floor.

Arctic Terror: Easy big dummy, It's just the TV.

Super: Baaah

Voltzandre stands up and grabs a bag full of red colour spray cans.

Voltzandre: We should be going!

Arctic Terror: What are we going to do exactly?

Voltzandre: I'm tired of those mafia guys. It'ss time to show them some colour!

Arctic Terror stands up and walks to the bar to grab a redbull as Super stands up from the floor.

Arctic Terror: Are you sure this is a good idea Voltz? There's only three of us compared to their small army.

Voltzandre: It doesn't matter if something happens. We have Super on our side


Arctic Terror: Then let's go.

A.A.T.O. leaves the locker room.


Super blocks the Mafia locker room door from outside as Artic Terror and Voltzandre start painting.

Arctic Terror: They are going to be kinda *&^&*& off.

Voltzandre: You think?

A security guard approaches the scene but Supermy start chasing him.

Voltzandre: Ok, now what?

Super comes back with the man in his shoulders, Arctic grabs the tape and puts some over the man's mouth and Super places the man in the trash can.

Voltzandre: Done.

They leave the palce as the camera focus' on the wall that says " A.A.T.O. Punks "

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