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Showtime vs Lycan part 2 rp

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1 Showtime vs Lycan part 2 rp on Sun May 29, 2011 1:51 am

Camera shows Pandora talking to "Showtime" Wayne Ronaldo backstage.

Pandora: Well Wayne you did what you said you would do last week, but tonight you have got to face him again. Do you think you will win?

Wayne has a big smile on his face.

Wayne: First of all it's Showtime, Second, Lycan isn’t a problem for me he’s barely even an annoyance and he’s just a stepping stone to bigger things.

Crowd: Booooo

Showtime turns round and sees Lycan

Crowd: Woooooo

Lycan: Last week you were lucky and tonight with the fans behind me there is no way that I'm going to lose.

Lycan & Showtime stare in each others eyes and Showtime starts laughing before both of them walk away.

Pandora: Well that’s a rematch that I can't wait to see and it's coming up next!

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