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I made you!...

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1 I made you!... on Sat May 28, 2011 11:26 pm

The camera tunes back in the ATW arena as fans begin cheering. Suddenly, "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack plays in the arena, the crowd begin to cheer and boo fanatically as they see Naven X walking onstage. He shows off a little grin then makes his way to the ring ignoring the crowd. Then he gets the microphone and raises it to his lips.

Naven X: You know, at this moment I should be in this ring with my so called "Partner" standing next to me but as you can see she is not here because of this...

Naven points the the big screen which reveals Vivica Lockhart hitting Naven with a steel chair knocking him out. The camera returns back to Naven.

Naven X: Now it's funny about that video because their is a little word that makes this one make sense... payback!

Another video clips reveals Naven hitting Vivica lockhart in the back of her head with one of the heelies during the end of last weeks helix awards. Camera shifts back to Naven who is looking at the camera..

Naven X: Vivica! How's your neck?

Naven chuckles as the crowd proceed with a little cheer.

Naven X: You see, what I did had a reason. Vivica, you betrayed me...ME.. your own tag partner! I treated you with respect and this is how you would repay me?

Naven looks at the camera again.

Naven X: So the fact of the matter is...YOU DESERVED IT!!

The crowd cheers... Naven turns toward the stage.

Naven X: And if you don't like it, come to the ring and tell me to my face!

Conner Danielson: Oh boy, Naven is calling out Vivica to the ring!

Christian Ghost: Oh yeah, the is gonna get good and I'm at ringside!..Sweet!

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2 Re: I made you!... on Tue May 31, 2011 11:24 pm

"Boring" by P!nk booms swiftly from the stage speakers and slowly walking out from the curtain is Vivica Lockhart holding one of her Helix Awards as she pauses and holds it up in the air as a golden shower of pyro falls down from the ceiling. The camera zooms closer to Vivica as the gives a little kiss on the award which says "Most Dominant" on the bottom.

Ghost: Doesn't Vivica look good with that award in her hands? I wish I was that award!

She continues down the ramp and before she enters the ring she leans over to a random guys and touches his face, the guy looks interested but then Vivica pushes his face as he falls down to his seat, she laughs and enters the ring, the guy looks disapointed. Vivica takes a microphone

VL: Naven X, my partner, well, my so called partner...I don't know why you called me because I think we don't have anything to talk about,so if you don't mind.

Vivica turns around and starts to leave.

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3 Re: I made you!... on Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:48 pm

Naven turns Vivica around

Naven X:Oh no... I got something to say and you are going to hear it right here and right now!

The crowd cheers.

Naven X: Ever since the day we met I knew that you were something great... someone I can mentor, and someone that can have my back.

Naven X: So what did I do, I devised a plan for your debut at Freedom or Fire and next I made you my manager so I could train you to become one of the best and then my tag partner..and what'd you do?

Naven points to the back of his head.

Naven X: You betray me! The man who made you who are now! the best in the business! THAT'S RIGHT! I MADE YOU VIVICA!...I MADE YOU!!

The crowd chants Naven, Naven, Naven!

Naven X: So if you wanna fight, why don't we fight right now?

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4 Re: I made you!... on Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:48 pm

Vivica laughs hard.

VL: You made me? Seriously?

Vivica continues to laugh and walks closer to Naven X.

VL: have you forgotten about who I was before I met you? I studied martial arts and was trained by the best shaolin monk masters.I became a multi-time champion all over the world! And I am currently retired as an undefeated champion.

Vivica gets face to face with Naven.

VL: And I did all that without you! And what I did, I should have done a long time ago because I am better than you in every way period!

Ghost: Ouch!

VL: And if you don't know, I asked Phenom to change the tag title shot that I won at the ppv to a Synthetic Breed title shot and if you want a match with me, you better win your matches. if you can!

She make a thumbs down sign at Naven.

VL:So in reality, yes you have helped me get here, but I made it to the top of the business and as a matter of fact, you can't beat me! And this is why

Vivica slaps Naven hard in the face and quickly leaves the ring posing to the crowd and blows a kiss at Naven.

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5 Re: I made you!... on Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:44 am

Naven leans toward the ropes...

Naven X: Yeah run away now Vivica, I may have taught you many things, but I haven't taught you everything! So the next time we meet, I'm gonna kick your ass! because I'm the one, the only, the Renegade! get it? got it? GOOD!

Naven throws the mic at Vivica who dodges it at the last moment. Naven steps back and taunts the crowd with his trademark sign of an "X" and the crowd goes wild.

Conner Danielson: These two were the best of partners, now the best of enemies and it will be all out hell when they're in the ring one-on-one!

Christian Ghost: You got that right, Vivica may be the best around. but she needs to learn her place because what we know it's the teacher giving a lesson to the student and the lesson is "Don't mess with the renegade"!

the camera fades out...

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