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Yes, I'm Ripping Off The Simpsons. Suck It, Groening!

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OOC: Sorry for the tardiness. I had the idea for this right after Fade To Black, and sometime inbetween then and now, I convinced myself that I'd already written it.

The shot opens backstage on Adam Nedman in the corridors of the ATW Arena. Walking along with an uncharacteristic spring in his step and whistling a merry tune, he chances upon ATW's backstage interviewer Pandora. As soon as she spots him, a mischievious glint appears in her eye and she makes her way over to him.

Pandora: Hmm, something's missing. What could it be. Oh yeah, it's the ReEvolution Championship Belt!

Nedman: Very drole indeed.

She is confused by his very relaxed attitude.

Pandora: Well aren't you cool as a cucumber? That's not like you, especially the way you were practically mugged for your Title at Fade to Black. Have you discovered Zen or something?

Nedman: Close, but no. Though it is interesting you would bring up Eastern philosophies. On my travels in the Orient, training in all manner of martial arts et cetera, I learned that the Chinese use the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity.

Pandora: Crisitunity!

He opens his mouth, about to talk but instead raises his hands in exasperation and walks on. The shot fades out.

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