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Don't make me laugh

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1 Don't make me laugh on Sat May 28, 2011 5:32 am

The camera fades in with Pandora heading into the mafia's locker room. Like always the girls give her mean looks. Pandora is hoping to see Ghetto so she won't have to talk to them. She lucks up and see Ghetto with the Mafia paid medical staff.

Pandora: Wait you guys have your own Medical staff?

GB: Yes, why wouldn't we? Like I always say, we are better then you and the other staff here that's why we are the best!

Pandora: Ok, let's get down to business. last week you managed to get the victory over the Killas even while you were drunk as heck.

GB: Now, do you know how long I've been in this business? I can handle myself in the ring and you can't handle my awesomeness.

Pandora: you are so full of yourself. I hope Demon takes you out tonight.

GB: Don't make me laugh. Demon's lucky I didn't break his neck last week and he wants to get in to the ring with me again? Come on, I think he might have a better chance wrestling one of the girls. If you didn't win last week when I was drunk how do you think you are going to do when I'm at 100 percent tonight? I'll set up a clinic in the ring and show the world why the Mafia is the best thing going today. Now leave before the girls get jealous and try to attack you.

Pandora leaves as the camera fades out.

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