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Boss..we need to talk..

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1 Boss..we need to talk.. on Thu May 26, 2011 10:52 pm

The camera fades in as Phemon the Vampire lord is at his desk with some paperwork and watching last week's helix awards. Suddenly Vivica Lockhart quickly opens the door and slams it shut looking eye to eye with Phenom. He jumps out of his seat and prepares himself for a scuffle but Vivica begins to talk.

VL: Calm down Phennie, if I wanted to fight you I wouldn't start anything right now so take a seat.

Phenom looks confused but slowly sits back down looking at Vivica who sits on the side of the desk

VL: Now, did you see what Naven did to me last week? At my most joyous moment he ruins it!

Vivica takes the remote from the table and skips to the part where Naven hits Vivica with one of her awards.

VL: Because of what he did I was in the hospital for two days! As of right now, S.A.D. is no more!

Vivica get closer to Phenom.

VL: So, as you know me and Naven had a tag title shot that I won at Fade to Black, and all I want you to do is change that from a tag title shot to a Synthetic Breed title shot... I want to go for something bigger and better and trust me, I know I can do it!

Vivica gets up in Phenom's face

VL; So... what do ya think?

OCC: your go phenom..

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