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Wildthing meets Psycho dad (Original Wildthing's manager)

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[Fade in showing Wildthing pacing back and forth in his locker room.]

Wildthing: Aww man!!!!

Wildthing clutches his fist and pounds on a locker, and sits down on a wooden bench with his head hung low in his hands.

Wildthing: How in the world am I suppose to win the Hangman's match when I couldn't even win last week's last man standing match?

???: What are you so hung up about?

Wildthing looks up and notices a man wearing a flannel shirt and cowboy hat.

Wildthing: Sorry I am not really in the mood for autographs right now

???: No, I am not here for autograph. Read my lips, I am here to help you.

Wildthing: Not to be mean here, but exactly how can you help me?

???Let's just say that I was with the original Wildthing when he first debuted, and now I think that it is time for me to help out with the new Wildthing.

Wildthing: You? Helped out with the original? Who are you anyway?

???: Funny you should ask me that. My name is Psycho Dad, and I was his manager.

Wildthing: I don't remember you.

Psycho dad: Well that is because the professor just made more on the line an image of the before look of Wildthing. Although I think that actually works with some of the more younger women I might say. Anyways no time for talking about women, that we'll take care of that after the match.

Psycho dad pulls up a folded chair and sits in it backwards.

Psycho dad: Okay, first of all, don't worry about losing, just win the crowd over. Secondly,....

[Fade out while Psycho dad is talking]

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