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Fire it Up by TFK starts playing as Alparslan comes walking down the ramp to the ring.

Connor Danielson: hey look it's Alparslan

Alparslan stops and holds his hand on his chest

Christian Ghost: I think he is hurt.

Connor Danielson: Well, what did you expect? Wednesday's main event was intense.

Christian Ghost: And for you fans who missed Fear factory look closely because we are going to show a clip of how the show ended.

The camera changes to the Titan Tron.

Alparslan kick Wildthing into a bent position
then jumps placing his legs above Wildthing head slamming him down then rolls the oppoenent over and pins him executing MORTAL Fame Kisser!!

Connor Danielson: Right there, from that moment on every chance WildThing had gone up in flames.

Alparslan kicks Wildthing and lifts him up bouncing him on the top ropes
and then does a cutter executing MORTAL Overheat!!

The camera flickerss back to normal showing Alparslan in the ring.

Alparslan: Well Wildy. How are you feeling?

Alparslan smiles as the crowd boos.

Alparslan: I gotta admit you gave me a fight but I am convinced that the best man won! And just to prove that...

Alparslan waves his hand and a guy comes down with a contract.

Alparslan: I heard that the board of stupidness plans that we are going to have a series of special matches up to the PPV.
So get your ass down here and tell me which match it is going to be Wildy Boy!

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