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ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Face of the season

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1 ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Face of the season on Wed May 18, 2011 3:14 am

A video play showing some highlights of the wrestlers who have been awarded this week in both Fear Factory and Prototype. the camera zooms out from the big screen and reveal both Naven X and Vivica Lockhart at the podium.

Naven X: This week has been outstanding for many of the stars as they have won their prestigious awards... some more than others..

Naven takes a quick look at Vivica...

Naven X: And now we are down to one more category, Face of the season, and thank God you're not in this one Vivica!

OCC: your go viv

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2 Re: ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Face of the season on Wed May 18, 2011 4:04 pm

The camera shifts to Vivica as she is standing next to the three awards she has won tonight, she smiles to annoy naven and replies.
VL: Just admit it Naven, Not only am I better than you but I hold three awards and you hold none, simply because I'm the best. Now enough about me, this award is a crowd pleaser,apart from myself, and many of the stars of ATW fight for what's right and become the best in the business, and the nominees for best Face of the season are...
Narrator: Hack3r

the camera takes a shot at Hack3r who is sat down peacefully holding onto his pet rabbit, Cornelius. He waves to the camera and the crowd cheers.
Narrator: Defjam

Defjam is seen in the back of the V.I.P room with the rest of the mafia...
Narrator: Chris "Action" Jackson

The crowd begins chanting Action...Action...Action!...he is seen raising his new title in the air...
Narrator: and Adam Nedman

Adam Nedman is seen at a table as he wave to the camera..the crowd cheers...

the camera shifts back to Naven and Vivica
VL: And the Winner for Face of the Season is...

Vivica snatches the envelope from Naven and begins to open it...
VL: And the winner is Defjam!!!

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3 Re: ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Face of the season on Wed May 18, 2011 8:58 pm

Front line By Pillar blasts off the P.a ss Def-jam walks out wearing his shades, The MAfia T-Shirt and torn jeans. He walks over and receives his Award As the crowd Chants " HARDCORE HARDCORE HARDCORE". They Quiet down as Def-jam prepares to speak.

Def-jam: Man, this feels awesome. Being the guy that All of you love to see every week do his thing... Oh So Perfectly!

The crowd cheers as Def-jam smirks.

Def-jam: I can only thank you, The fans for making this possible, 'cus if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be as great as I am today! So thank you...

The fans once again begins to cheer.

Def-jam: Well, I can also thank the losers who I had to beat up to please you guys, But hey, like I said, I'll do what ever, when ever to make that ticket of yours worth the money.. why you may ask? Cus im the Hardcore Maniac, the Undoubtable, Undeniable...


Frontline by pillar once again goes off As Def-jam holds up his award and then kisses it as he walks to the backstage.

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4 Re: ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Face of the season on Wed May 18, 2011 11:32 pm

Vivica begins clapping her hands and walks over to the mic
VL: and the show has come to a great end with Defjam winning the Face of the Season. ME and Naven would like to congratulate all the winners of this year's Helix awards!

Vivica kisses all three of her awards..
VL: And I hope we will see many receive awards next year...I know I will!

Vivica looks at Naven, forgetting he was there
VL:Do you have anything to say Naven?

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5 Re: ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Face of the season on Thu May 19, 2011 2:48 am

Naven takes one good look at Vivica and grins...

Naven X: All I can say is this season will go off with a bang. I can't wait for next year!..Good night everybody!

Music plays as the helix awards ends. Vivica picks up two of her awards and showd off to the crowd. At that moment Naven picks up Vivica's third award and with all his force he hits Vivica hard in the back of her head as she goes down to the floor knocked out! The crowd are shocked and many burst out in cheers. Naven walks to Vivica with a mic in his hand.

Naven X: Payback is a bitch isn't it Vivica? You think I wasn't going to get you back for what you did to me at Fade to Black? You must be out of your mind!

Naven shoves the award in Vivica's face

Naven X: You would have gotten none of these awards if it wasn't for me...and this is just the begining, for a time will come where all will witness history soon! And I told you the show will end in a bang because I am the one, the only, the renegade!..get it? got it? Good!

"I Stand Alone" by Godsmack plays as Naven throws Vivica's award on the ground breaking it and walks over Vivica and leaves backstage laughing hard as EMT's check on Vivica...

OCC:given permission to godmod

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