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ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Heel of the season

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1 ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Heel of the season on Tue May 17, 2011 3:19 am

the camera fades in backstage as we see Naven X destroying furniture and breaking objects..

Cameraman: uhh... sir you're on!

Naven realizes it and quickly makes it up the podium fixing his attire then takes a deep breath and continues..

Naven X: Bad things happen to good people. and in ATW, it happens a lot of the time no matter how they do it or what they do, it happens and here are the nominees for Heel of the season...

a clip of highlights are shown on the big screen for the nominees for best heel of the season.

Narrator: Wolvian

The lights in the arena begin to flicker then goes to normal..

Narrator: Vivica Lockhart

Vivica is seen in the back with her fingers crossed.

Narrator: Khaos

Khaos is seen in his table holding on the ReEvolution Championship on his shoulder

Narrator: Phenom the Vampire Lord

Phenom looks shocked but seems fine with it... camera goes back to Naven X.

Naven X: Huh... didn't know he was nominated..anyway, and the winner is...

a drumroll is played as Naven slowly open the envelope with his eyes closed, then he takes a peek as he sees the letters.


Naven become static and slams his hands on the podium and leaves the stage...the cameraman goes to the podium to the open envelope which reads...

Heel of the Season
Vivica Lockhart

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2 Re: ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Heel of the season on Tue May 17, 2011 10:48 pm

The crowd in amazement are blown as they read the name of the winner on the big screen, the camera switches backstage to see Vivica lockhart surrounded by many fans as she is shocked by the reaction of her win...she struts her way into the ring and kisses the awards multiple times...and raises the mic to her lips
VL: I made it to ATW, I became General Manager for a week, I won my match at Fade to Black, and now I win not one...not two...but Three Helix Awards!!..I am the first ever diva in this company to ever do so!!

the crowd are still in shock and sounds of chants can be heard from the crowd...

VL: I am the most recongized diva in this business, In my short amount of time I made it to the top and it is just the begining...There is no one here who can't say that i'm not because it doesn't matter who you are or what you do..always remember Vivica Lockhart is better....than...YOU!!

Vivica begins to laugh and raises the award in the air with pride as the crowd give mixed boos and cheers as she departs from stage...

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