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1 Showtimes Rp on Mon May 16, 2011 1:27 am

Camera shows Pandora and a mysterious superstar backstage

Pandora: I’m here with our newest superstar and ex Bmxer Showtime Wayne Ronaldo, Showtime how do you feel about joining ATW?

Showtime: How do I feel about it? I feel that now that I’m on the scene the rest of ATW better just step aside because I’m going straight to the top and no one is going to stop me!

Pandora: Don’t you feel that your counting there eggs before they hatch? I mean the ATW roster is one of the, if not the best roster in the world and….

Showtime: And what…? You don’t think I can make it here well let me tell you I’ve got more talent in my little pinky than that hack Lycan has in his whole body and I’m going to prove it when I beat him tonight!

Showtime walks away looking angry and throwing equipment about.

Crowd: Boooooo

Pandora: Some strong words from Showtime. let's see if he can live up to them.

Camera fades to black

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