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ATW Helix Awards pt.2-shocker of of the season

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1 ATW Helix Awards pt.2-shocker of of the season on Sun May 15, 2011 10:30 pm

The camera shifts to the podium where once again we see Naven X standing there who seems a bit frustrated but calms down and looks at the crowd..

Naven X: Sorry for excuing myself form the stage earlier I just didnt want to do something bad..and trust me I would have done it or I wouldn't be the renegade!

The crowd laughs.

Naven X: But anyway, let's continue the show with our next category..

Lights dim, spotlight on Naven..

Naven X: In ATW we witness the most unbelievable, undescribable, and most shocking moments ever... an example would be Vivica being most dominant of the season.

the crowd laughs.

Naven X: But nevertheless, we will always remember these moments forever. and here are the nominees for shocker of the Season...

The titiantron begins to reveal clips of the nominees.

Narrator: Hida Kozan is Khaos' secret opponent.

A clip reveals Hida Kozan in the ring with khaos and defeats him with the pin.

Narrator: Vivica Lockhart turns on Naven X.

A clip reveals Vivica lockhart hitting Naven with a steel chair in the head and knocks him out. Naven turns away from the screen.

Narrator:Title changes

A clip reveals some of the ATW superstars who have become new crowned champions at Fade to Black.

Narrator: Vivica becomes General Manager.

a clip reveals Vivica Lockhart making matches during her time as GM.

Narrator:T-wolf makes an apperance.

A clip reveals Wolvian being shocked at the sight of T-wolf on the titiantron..crowd burst in cheers...the camera shifts back to Naven.

Naven X: and the winner is...

Naven opens the envelope and becomes shocked

Naven X:....Vivica Betrays ME!!..NOOO!!

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"Boring" by Pink plays in the arena once again and Vivica lockhart comes out from backstage laughing hysterically, she reaches to the podium and shoves Naven aside and gets to the mic.

VL: Shocking, isn't it?

The crowd begin to boo. Naven begins to leave but is stopped by Vivica.

VL: Where are you going Naven?, This awards involves you more than it involves me since I am the one who laid you flat on your back when I hit you with the chair!

the big screen reveals the whole scene in which Vivica hits Naven with the chair..

VL: As you can see, we won the match that night!..because of me of course, and without a doubt I am the dominant member of Seek and Destroy...and I don't need you!..hahaha!

Vivica walks out stage holding her helix award leaving Naven X enraged as the camera goes to commercial.

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