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ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Dominant of the season

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1 ATW Helix Awards pt.2-Dominant of the season on Sun May 15, 2011 10:10 pm

The lights dim in the arena and a narrator begins to speak..

Narrator: Welcome to part 2 of the 3rd annual ATW Helix Awards and here are your hosts Naven X and Vivica Lockhart!

The crowd gives a standing ovation as Naven X walks out wearing an all black suit and makes his way to the podium..

Naven X: Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to Part 2 of the 3rd annual Helix Awards, and again, this a continuation from Fear Factory. My "partner" would be up here but she is in the back because she is nominated for three of the awards given tonight.and I promise you tonight we will end with a shocking are you ready?

The crowd cheers.

Naven X: we are going to start the show with our first Category. When any wrestler want to be the best they put everything they have in and outside the ring period..and the nominees for Most Dominant of the Season are...

A clip of highlights are shown in the titiantron as the narrator reveals the nominees.



Vivica Lockhart

Chris "Action" Jackson

Naven X: And the winner is!...

Naven has a disturbed look on his face..

Naven X: Vivica Lockhart!

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"Boring" by pink plays in the arena the crowd begins clapping as Vivica makes her way down the podium shocked and smiling. Vivica snatches the award from Naven and stands in from the the podium..

VL: This is unbelievable, you don't know how much this means to me! I.. I would like to thank Archetype Wrestling to allow my talents to be shown throughout the world and everyone in it...I like to thank my opponents I have faced in my life, because without them, I would not be the best that I am today..

Vivica kisses the award..
VL: And I want to thank... this one person...the person who has brought me here to ATW and showed me everything I need to do to be suceesful...and that person is no other than....ME!!!

The crowd seem confued at Vivica's answer as Naven walks backstage with an angry look on his face.

VL: For I am the best diva to ever step in the ring and this is proof! CHA!

Vivica walks backstage with the "heelie" in her hands.

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