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From The Ware House to your house

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1 From The Ware House to your house on Sun May 15, 2011 2:04 am

The camera pans a big room with a black wrestling ring with a blood print on the apron. Half a cage is set up in the ring. The ring is surrounded by 4 guys wereing black masks with kendo sticks in thier hands. AnthraX is sitting in the middle of the ring with his legs crossed

AnthraX: Welcome ATW to The institute of Insane, The Home of Hardcore, The Castle of Concussions...The WareHouse.

AnthraX moves his hands to show off The Ware House

AnthraX: as you all know I made my triumphant return at the ppv. Khoas could hang in the hardcore division so he high tailed it out, but now the little mafia punk wants in.

AnthraX shakes his head in disapointment

AnthraX: DJ thinks he can go hardcore then

A buzzer goes off. The 4 men out side the ring jump in. AnthraX gets up and takes off his jacket and shirt to show his bear skin. The first masked man walks up to AnthraX with the kendo stick and hit him 10 times in the abdomen. The next guy hits him in the back 10 times with the kendo stick. The other 2 guys take turns back and fourth hitting AnthraX in the head with the kendo stick 5 times each. AnthraX slids to the out side of the ring and sits on the apron.

AnthraX: He is in for a rude awakening

The camera goes down to the ground

AnthraX: is it off

Camera Guy: I think

boot steps are heard walking. Then black boots are shown on the camera

AnthraX: the (censored) red light it still on you're (censored) useless

The camera flies across the room until it hits a wall and goes to static

OOC: I want feed back

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2 Re: From The Ware House to your house on Sun May 15, 2011 5:53 pm

You spelt legs wrong. But otherwise good RP!

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