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Helix Awards Part. 1- best tag team of the season

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Vivica returns on stage ready to present the next category.
VL: As Naven said before, We are splitting the Helix awards into two shows so this is the final award given for tonight!

Naven is seen walking on stage and is standing next to Vivica

VL: Now for our next category. Teams are best described as two or more working together to pursue a goal. Many won championships and others ruled companies

Vivica refers to herself as she gives a little fake cough.
VL: But in all they learn how to get along and become the best in the business... and so the nominees for best tag team are...

Narrator: The killaz

a picture is shown of Disturbed Demon and Crimson Wrath..the crowd roar in boos.

Narrator: The Mafia

A picture is shown of William Bergeron and Ghetto Blaster holding on the double helix tag titles...the crowd cheers.

Narrator: Seek and Destroy

A picture of Vivica and Naven with their trademark pose with pyrotechnics in the background, some fans are heard chanting S.A.D....S.A.D...S.A.D

Narrator: New Generation

a picture is seen of Wildthing and Kim Anderson in the ring taunting...the crowd points back the vivica and naven

VL: I look good in that picture don't ya think Naven?

Naven doesn't say a word
VL: Well, I know I look good and I don't need your input..and the winners are...(drumroll).....The Mafia!!

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William Bergeron comes out with his other two Helix Award in hand. He walks up to the podium and places them all in front of himself. He takes a deep breath, and looks at them once again. The crowd is in a frenzy. William absorbs the praise and begins to speak.

Will Bergeron: Well, it seems like you fans are enjoying my actions and the actions of the other Mafia members. Three awards in one season? I believe I'm speaking for all my fellow members that we thank you for all the support. To win both Stable and Tag of the Season. That is a major accomplishment here in ATW. When I got here I thought that me and Ghetto Blaster were going to be used and bruised. But that didn't happen.


Will Bergeron: Thank for that. We grew to be a force to be messed with. Others joined our cause. It was a complete shock that The Mafia would win one of the most dangerous matches in ATW. Not only we won, but we won the Tag Team Championships that night.

William Bergeron lifts his suit jacket up revealing the Tag Team Champiionship around his waist. The crowd cheers even louder now.

Will Bergeron: I would like to say I'm proud of all my fellow members. Ghetto Blaster we are the most successful tag team here in ATW. Travis Touchdown your our most dominant acquisition. DefJam you claim to be Most Extreme, and am starting to believe it more and more each week. So, enough with my boring speech though. Time to address The Mafia`s opponents tonight the Killaz.

The crowd begins to BOO!!!

Will Bergeron: Yes I know, they suck. But I give them props that they too as a tag team are undefeated. I want to say one thing. Tonight we will have one team undefeated at the end of the night. I promise you fans that The Mafia will come out on top. Cause when the Mafia comes to fight, we come as if it was the end of our lives. We will be seen dead in this life before we lose a match. I think it`s time for you fans to see some action in the ring though. Am I right?.


Will Bergeron: Ok, thank you again for the support. Enjoy the rest of the show.

With that, William Bergeron grabs all the awards and walks backstage. The crowd is still cheering and waiting for the next match to start.

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