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Helix Awards Part. 1- Funniest moment of the season

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the camera takes a shot at the helix award which is shinning and glistening in rotation then turns to the podium where Vivica Lockhart stands doing a few poses for pictures as the crowd shows mixed emotions in cheers and boos

VL: Ok it's my turn to show him out there how it;s done! And to be quite honest, I must be the best dressed diva here tonight because from what I am seeing it's just a disgrace to fashion

the crowd gives an array of boos and hisses

VL: Anyway, in ATW there are moments that can never be missed and then their are moments that just hurts...when we are the nominees for Funniest moment of the season...

the proceeds in laughs as the narrator presents the nominees

Narattor: Hack3r trolling the mormons online before PPV match...The mafia sobering up with coffee...Wildthing threatening to eat alparslan bird...Wiliam Bergeron drunk acceptance speech..

VL: I can't believe he threw up on that guy, an EPIC FAIL, and the winner is...


VL: Hack3r trolling the mormons online before PPV match!...come on up!

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The crowd begin to cheer as Hack3r's music begins to play. Hack3r himself soon walks onto the stage with his rabbit Cornelius in his arms. When he arrives at the podium he places Cornelius down and picks up his award and looks at it.

Hack3r: Wow. This is pretty huge isn't it?

The crowd goes wild.

Hack3r: I'm very humbled to receive this award considering the moment in question was literally just me chilling out. It's all good I guess. Umm ...

Cornelius begins to nudge his head softly against the microphone.

Hack3r: OHHHH yes! My friend here would like to inform everyone that he is going to be a guest on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno next week so keep an eye out for that!

Hack3r picks up his award then begins to walk off stage while waving to the crowd. Cornelius drops down off of the podium and soon begins to follow after.

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