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The Doctor Of Thuganomics

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1 The Doctor Of Thuganomics on Fri May 13, 2011 1:09 pm


alignment: Heel
Height: 6'6
weight: 270 pounds


The Doctor Of Thuganomics Lifts his opponent onto his shoulders and gives him 27 powerbombs in a row then drops his opponent onto the ground face first then
walks to the corner and gets the crowd cheering then runs towards his opponent who is trying to get up then punts him in the head executing a devastating Powerbomb Into Punt Kick
The Doctor Of Thuganomics notices his opponent is groggy in the middle of the ring standing liflessly he takes advantage of the oppotunity and
runs towards the rope bouncing off and clotheslines his opponent immediately dropping him to the ground then picks him back up and runs to the ropes then rebounds and spears his opponent executing a devastating Thuginator


The Doctor Of Thuganomics Raises His Arms In The Air Spreading Them Apart Then Forms A Shape Of A Diamond And Points To The Sky executing The Diamond Point

Gimmick: The Doctor Of Thuganomics grew up with a poor life... he had to live through the death of his family and then decided he wants to try and save peoples lives. Shortly after he became a doctor he decided it wasnt the right job for him and quuit... a couple years later he joined a gang of thugs and went to jail for theft. He then decided that he wanted to become a wrestler so he joined Archetype Wrestling:Prototype.


Apperance: black jacket, torn jeans, Gold Necklace

Personality: angry, serious, stone faced

Special match types: First Blood, Ambulance match, IornMan, Hell In A Cell

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