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The Helix Awards Pt. 1- stable of the season

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1 The Helix Awards Pt. 1- stable of the season on Fri May 13, 2011 3:21 am

Naven X returns back to the podium listening to his iPod until he realizes he's live and throws the iPod backstage...

Naven X: Sorry, I was just listening to " In the Nothingness" by Mnemic which can be heard on ATW's last ppv Fade to black.. coming soon to DVD.

Naven reveals the dvd for fade to black...

Naven X: Now when it comes to wrestling you need friends to help you out from time to time, or just a group of guys causing havoc in and outside the ring. Which brings me to our next category, Stable of the season...and here are the nominees

Narrator: The Darkness..

the titantron reveals a clip of The darkness..the crowd erupts in boos..

Narrator: Against All The Odds

another clip reveals the members of A.A.T.O the crowd give a wave of applause

Narrator: The Mafia

as the clip of the mafia comes up the crowd burst in cheers. The camera returns back to Naven...

Naven X: And the winner is...The Mafia!!

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(ooc. GB or TT or DJ, you guys can start this one off.)

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Ghetto Blaster falls on to the stage drunk and stumbles to the mic.

GB: Hold up hold up i'm let you finish. But the Mafia should have won for best stable i mean we own the tag and singles match this whole season.

Defjam run to the stage and grab Ghetto

Defjam : Ghetto we won

Ghetto looks shocked

GB: We won oh snap!. I like thank the man upstairs no not GOD the the man working the lights he always catching my good side. Thank you i like the William don't know why maybe since you paid for the bar yea lets go lets get this party started yeaaaa.

Ghetto passes out on the stage and Travis and Defjam carries him off.

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Naven tries not to laugh, but he can't help it...

Naven X: And to think, they are still tag champs after that!...we will be right back to present the funniest moment of the!

Naven goes backstage as we see ghetto blaster being taken care of by paramedics..

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