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The Helix Awards Pt. 1-messed up moment

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1 The Helix Awards Pt. 1-messed up moment on Fri May 13, 2011 3:15 am

The camera fade in to the arena as Naven X walks to the podium wearing black suit with a red vest and tie with a envelope in his hands..he waits for the crowd to settle down then begins..

Naven X: Welcome back!, and now that I have a "partner" to help me out tonight, this award show may end with a bang!..Vivica is backstage with the awards which will be handed out to the honored few tonight!

The crowd proceed in applause..

Naven X: Now lets start the show with our first category. In ATW, we see the best things in many different ways. some spectacular, others...just really crazy and because of all that we are presenting the award for messed up moment of the season..and the nominees are...

Naven displays the nominees on screen

Naven X: Mafia kidnaps EE's father..

A picture shows the mafia holding EE's father hostage

Naven X: Vivica lockhart...betraying me!

a picture of Vivica hitting Naven X with a chair.

Naven X:Mafia peels out a guys face

A picture showing the peels off face from the mafia

Naven X: And Vivica becoming General manager of Archetype wrestling

A picture of Vivica Lockhart sitting in the GM desk with a grin on her face, Naven looks disgusted..

Naven X: and the winner is..*drumroll*....The Mafia kidnapping EE's father!...come out guys!

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2 Re: The Helix Awards Pt. 1-messed up moment on Sat May 14, 2011 3:02 am

The sound of semi-automatics hits the speaker of the arena. The fans are still in a frenzy after the announcement just made. Will Bergeron comes out with Travis and DefJam. The three of them stop and perform a new Mafia taunt. Will Bergeron steps up to the podium with Travis and Defjam behind them.

Will Bergeron: I knew my actions would gain me some attention, but never this big. Wait what I am I saying. I did all that stuff to get this award. I would like to thank these two for coming along with me on a few of my adventures. I would like to thank the security guards. I hope that you guys love the hospital food. I would like to show you a clip of highlights that happen on my journey of destruction.

A clip begins to play on the titantron. It shows Travis and DefJam breaking the limbs of two security guards. Then it shows William Bergeron peeling a motorcycle tire over a security guards face. The final clip shows William Bergeron Powerbombing a security guard into a car from the roof. It shows to three more times and titantron goes back to black again.

Will Bergeron: Thank you ATW Universe for inspiring us to do some twisted things outside the ring. Am thinking about bring that into the ring from time to time. DJ or TT anything you want to add or is that it?

(occ. TT or DJ can say a few things or one of you two can have us walking away)

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3 Re: The Helix Awards Pt. 1-messed up moment on Sat May 14, 2011 5:03 am

Def-jam nods and takes the mic from William.

Def-jam: I Just wanna say.. pulling that off was just awesome haha, And it feels awesomer to know that all you mafia fans watched it in awe, and all the haters watched it in fear.

Def-jam smirks as the fans cheer and he passes the mic back to William

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4 Re: The Helix Awards Pt. 1-messed up moment on Fri May 20, 2011 7:55 am

reminder to finish(some ppl forget aboot rps when they get far down on the list)

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5 Re: The Helix Awards Pt. 1-messed up moment on Sat May 21, 2011 8:44 pm

William Bergeron picks up the award. The three of them do the new Mafia taunt again. The fans cheer as they return to backstage area

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