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Welcome to the 3rd annual ATW Helix Awards!

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1 Welcome to the 3rd annual ATW Helix Awards! on Sat May 07, 2011 9:46 pm

The lights turn dim and an introduction plays in the titiantron....

A narrator begins to speak

Narrator:"Ladies and Gentleman...the host of the 3rd Annual Helix awards....The Renegade..Naven X!"

Suddenly, the stage goes dark and a spotlight shines down in the middle of the stage and " I stand alone" by godsmack starts to play as Naven X is slowly coming down from the rafters..he raises his hands in the air as gold pyro blast from the stage..the crowd are in awe as they give applauses as Naven walks to the podium..

Naven X: Now that's what I call an entrance, no host has never started this show like this before and I believe it will never be duplicated!

the crowd calms down and takes their seats

Naven X: Welcome one and all to the 3rd annual Helix awards!..where we honor to the most creative and show-shocking talents in Archetype Wrestling...and

OCC: this is where you can interrupt me Viv..

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naven gets interuppted as a team of cheerleaders walk out from backstage and begins cheering..

Cheerleaders: V..I..V..I..C..A!!..LOCK...HART!!

"Boring" by P!nk begins to play and the cheerleaders give room as vivica lockhart walks in stage wearing a silk black with red dress waving to the crowd...Naven looks confused and angry as she makes her way to the podium next to naven..

VL: Now naven you may need to calm down because I have good news and bad news...the good news is I will be your co-host for the helix awards...

The crowd begins booing at vivica

VL: and the bad news is I'm going to be your co-host for the helix awards HAHA!!!

The crowds boos become even louder..

Vivica: Now, now...This is the helix awards! just for tonight this isn't about us this is about the wrestlers in the back who gave it their all and to be nominated for this...

Vivica point to the big screen which reveals the Heelie slowly rotating showing it beautiful detail.

VL: This pretious award have been given to the best here in and I (chuckles) and for the honored few tonight!

Vivica taps naven's shoulder..

VL: isn't that right naven?

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Naven looks at vivica's hand on his shoulder, then looks at the crowd and changes his mood with a smile...

Naven X: You're right Vivica, until the night is over we will work together and make this best awards show ever I am I right fans?

The crowd goes crazy in cheers..

Naven X: And the reason why it will be the best ever is because Archetype Wrestling have decided to change things up!..instead of presenting all the awards tonight we are spiting them ..4 on Fear Factory and 4 on Prototype!

the crowd seems surprised!..

Naven X: so tonight on Fear factory we will present the categories...

The titantron reveals the catagories:

Messed up moment of the season
Stable of the season:
funniest moment of the season
Best tag team of the season

Naven X: So we will be right back after the first match and present the first award! lets start the show!!!

The lights change in color and Fear Factory's theme "Corporate Cloning" begins to play as naven and vivica leave backstage

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