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Ring Rust?

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1 Ring Rust? on Fri May 06, 2011 7:15 pm

Sinner by Drowning Pool blasts in the arena and the crowd goes nuts, Drake Dranmore is seen on the stage wearing Black leather pants, His signature shades, his big leather biker jacket, white boots and gloves... He Raises both arms high into the air and swiftly moves them down into a crotch chop and the crowd erupts with chanting:

Crowd: "GYD, GYD, GYD, GYD!"

Drake smiles as he walks down the ramp waving at the fans the crowd keeps chanting as he walks up the steps and steps over the ropes to get into the ring. He moves to the other side and grabs a mic and moves to the center of the ring to address the fans...

Drake: "Well, it has been too long since I have last stepped into the ring to entertain all you fans. There may be some back stage that don't think I have what it takes to win titles or just whoop some ass in general, I'm here to prove them wrong!"

Crowd: "What?"

Drake: "Oh, not that again... I'm not gonna repeat myself if that's what you're hoping for, but I will say this looks like I have to start at the bottom and work my way up... I've seen the Synthetic Breed champion... I'll be sure to put him out of our misery when I his the ever popular Grave Yard Driver!"

Drake pauses for a moment looking around the crowd and grins.

Drake: "On another note, some people may think that because I was absent for a while that I may suffer from the ever feared ring rust. To all friends, fans, and doubters... I have never felt so great about my in-ring ability as I do now. There is nothing to stop me from reaching my goals!"

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