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Drake Dranmore

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1 Drake Dranmore on Fri May 06, 2011 6:43 pm

Name: Drake Dranmore

Theme Song: Sinner by Drowningpool (can be viewed in the video up top)

Alignment: I think i'm a Face

Vertical: 6'6"

Weight: 267Lbs.

Home Town: Sacramento, California

Signature match: TLC

Current Allies: Era Duran West Buzzsaw Sinister Minister American Tommy

Physical Description: longer black Hair, Lots of muscle, Leather Vest, loose leather pants, White Boots, White Gloves, Black Shades,and a Black Goatee

What He Is as a wrestler: He is very difficult to read, one second he could just be joking arround, and the next you have a ladder in your face... he is no rookie to hardcore, he makes mankind look like an amature at times, it's amazing he hasn't been scarred as much as he has been through, it has been said that you can't KO him...

Main Finisher: Drake Dranmore Kicks the opponent in the mid section then places their head between his leggs Drake then does a crotch chop and underhooks the opponent's arms and livts him verticle and jumps up and linds on his knees forcing the opponent's head into the Ground executing LEGENDARY Grave Yard Driver!!

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