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The Hardcore One keeps his promise!

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1 The Hardcore One keeps his promise! on Thu May 05, 2011 1:40 am

The Lights suddenly go out. The Arena is semi Silent. Suddenly Pyro goes off around the titantron, The ramp lights up with blue and red lights as frontline by pillar blasts off the P.A. Most of the crowd are on their feet as Def-jam steps onto the ramp. He is wearing a black leather jacket partially covering his black tank top, Torn jeans and black sneakers. He takes off his shades and places them on a female Fan as he walks to the side and hi- fives the crowd. He then Hi- fives the crowd on the other side. Finally he makes his way to the ring and rolls in. He spins around, arms spread out. as the fans are chanting his name. A stage hand Tosses him a mic as he waits for the cheering to die down.


The crowd cheers as he smirks of excitement.

Def-jam: its been waaaay too long since ive seen my die-hard fans here in Feear Faactory!!

He smirks again as the fans cheers erupt wildly again.

Def-jam: Now when i first saw all of you, i made a promise. I said ATW, And yall Said What? I said, I.... WIIILL BE CHAMPION!!!!
And Yall Said...

The Fans erupt in cheers.

Def-jam: haha Yeah, Well im here today to let yall know, The Legend of Extreme, The Hardcore Maniac, The Mafia Young gun, the Unstoppable, untammable never Exchangable Def-jam, WILL, be the NEWWWWW DEMANUFACTURE CHAMPION!!!

The Crowd goes wild as he climbs the turnbuckle and sends his hands around his waist indicating he will be champ.



Frontline by pillar rams off the p.a as def-jam continues his taunt. he then exits the ring taunting to the crowd as he makes his way backstage.

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