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Why Betray?

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1 Why Betray? on Wed May 04, 2011 5:27 pm

A series of lights flash all around the arena, and from Under the titantron steps Rodrigo Jackson. He looks around at the fans, then sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. He then stands up, and gets a microphone from a technician

Rodrigo: Ladies and Gentlemen, Vampires and Witches. This season, I intend to eradicate some problems from this Federation. I realise now I wasted a lot of time on the mafia, and should focus on bigger problem fish in this large pond.

Rodrigo: You see, last time we were here, we had a problem. A problem that is still with us to this very moment. The Problem is betrayal. I know no-one has really been fans of Naven X and Vivica, but how can you betray your own partner in crime?

The Crowd Boos.

Rodrigo: I'm not saying Naven is a good guy, but why would you betray him when he got you this far? Lemme put it to you this way Vivica, without Naven, you were nothing, and you still are!

The Crowd erupts into cheers.

Rodrigo: It's the Selfish, Arrogant Wrestlers like you that are just so annoying. Even when someone tries to help you out, whether for a good cause or a bad cause, you just put them down. Plus, you had ALL the power in ATW to make decent matches, instead you show these good people a load of crap. Which brings me onto my next point...

Rodrigo pulls a folded piece of paper out of his pocket.

Rodrigo: Here is a Contract that I have devised. I want the GM to sign it, saying that If I beat him in a match, I get a title shot at the belt of my choice. Of course, I don't expect Phenom to sign this, I mean, he lost the match last season, so naturally I imagine he'd be chicken hearted to sign this contract. But if he does, he might have just proven himself a bit more braver than we think he is. So what do you say, Mr. Vampire?

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2 Re: Why Betray? on Wed May 18, 2011 10:32 pm

The arena is plunged into darkness as the lights go out. The Titantron flickers a couple of times with new words appearing on it in a bloody red font. It eventually stops, showing the following sentence:

I Have Become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds

Sybreed's "I am Ultraviolence" starts playing over the Industrial Arena's speaker system making the crowd stand up and boo as they are expecting the general manager and owner of ATW to come out. Sure enough, moments later Phenom appears at the top of the ramp dressed in a pair of black pants with putrefying skulls on each side, a "Midnight Messiah" t-shirt and a long black leather coat.
Red pyros go off behind him as he makes his way down the ramp. He goes around the ring over to the announcer's table and grabs a microphone, before walking up the steel steps and entering the ring by dodgind the top rope.
The crowd slowly dies off , giving him a chance to speak.

Phenom: Just because i lost a match due to interference from a failure which we threw out of the Darkness, everyone thinks The Vampire Lord is going soft.

Phenom: Just because i do not rip my opponent's spine out of his back, everyone thinks The Vampire Lord's star has faded away!


The crowd boos him for a good 20 seconds before slowly dying off.

Phenom: You insignificant larva will be the first out of four unlucky maggots to feel the deadly touch of The Vampire Lord. Not only am i signing your contract, i am also issuing out a challenge to anyone back there who thinks i am getting weak!

He pulls out a pen from his coat's inner pocket and signs Rodrigo's contract

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