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Down to one!

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1Down to one! Empty Down to one! on Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:47 am


The camera fades in softly on an roaring fire inside a fire place. As it zooms out, you can see Wolvian sitting on his throne. He is staring hard at a chess board again. But this time only two pieces are on the board.

Wolvian: Tonight I face off against Chris Jackson. A man that claims to be filled with Action! At the last PPV it came down to the two of us out of four men. And now once again it comes down to the two of us going one on one. Tonight I plan to show the world why I am the ATW World Champion. Tonight I will show the world just why I am the monster they all fear!

Wolvian stands up and takes the ATW title off from around his waste. He lays it across the chess board.

Wolvian: All this season I have been working out the perfect way to defeat you one on one Chris. And it wasnt until I beat Adam Nedman earlier this season that it came to me. See My father had aa special type of match he liked to use to fight his big rivals in. A match that is simplistic in its very design. A match that helps eliminate any one helping me or you. So that we can both prove that tonights match is Equal!

Wolvian steps over to the fire and watches the wood crack under the extreme heat. The very flames turn from yellow to orange to red.

Wolvian: I am offering you a match against me in a Steel Cage! Lets see if you can rise to the challenge and show off your Action, Or will you end up just another has been chump who is past his prime! In either case I will make sure the Medics are on stand by. For when I am done with you Chris......

Wolvian turns toward the camera to show the souless eyes stairing into the camera.

Wolvian: You will be nothing more than a husk of your former self!

Wolvian turns and walks back over to the throne as the camera fades out on the fire.

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