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Your match is like right now!

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1 Your match is like right now! on Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:14 pm

OOC: Phen has given me permission for godmoding.

The camera turns on to show Hack3r's locker room. The man whom the locker room belongs to is sat at his custom built computer. Hack3r moves his mouse a bit, clicks then begins to type. After this he leans back in his chair looking happy with himself. He suffers a fright when the door is kicked off of it's hinges by the GM of ATW, Phenom the vampire lord. Hack3r looks at his gm in disbelief.

Hack3r: Why do it?

Phenom: It was funny.

The vampire looks at the computer suspiciously.

Phenom: What're you doing on there?

Hack3r: On the computer? Just trolling some mormons as you do.

Phenom laughs.

Phenom: That's one of my favourite pastimes too. Anyways, stop it. You'd better get ready for your match tonight!

Hack3r's eyes open wide with shock.

Hack3r: Really? That's awesome! When is it?

Phenom stays silent as if listening. The faint sound of "Friends like these" by Deaf Havana can be heard coming from the arena. Phenom looks at his wrist sarcastically.

Phenom: I'd say, uhh, about 10 seconds from now?

Hack3r jumps to his feet.

Hack3r: You're kidding me right?

Phenom: Would I lie about something like this?

Hack3r: I know for a fact you would!

Phenom: Fine then. Don't trust me. Miss your chance to regain the Synthetic Breed championship. It's not my problem.

Phenom turns on his heels and leaves the room with a smile on his face. Hack3r sits back down on his chair, places his face into his hands and curses loudly. After this he jumps off the chair and sprints out of the room. The shot fades to black.

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