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OOC: Hack3r here. This has been edited and if you have any issues with my editing then let me know Voltz. Peace.

Voltzandre enters to the locker room where Supermy and Arctic Terror are resting. Out of nowhere Pandora enters to the room

Pandora: Hello A.A.T.O. may I ask some questions to your leader?

Voltzandre: What'd you want?

Pandora walks back as she see Voltzandre is not in a good mood

Pandora: So you didn’t make it to be the number one contender?

Voltzandre: Baaah, It’s all Wolvian‘s fault. That rat made the last match a tag match . He knew if I won the match with CAJ I was not getting my title shot and that’s because the Darkness leader is afraid of the Demon Killer

Pandora: Anyways, you have been very busy these last few days haven’t you? What’s been going on?

Voltzandre: Personal business.

A big silence cross the room while Voltzandre sits on the couch

Pandora: At least you have a match in the PPV?

Voltzandre: Ugh.... I totally forgot about that. I had to pick a tag partner from the A.A.T.O. So who is going to be?

Supermy stands up as Arctic Terror stares at Supermy

Voltzandre: Well looks like Supermy wants to be the chosen one. That’s fine for me..

Pandora: So it’s going to be Voltzandre and Supermy Vs. The Killaz?

Voltzandre laughs as Supermy takes a seat again.

Voltzandre: Yeah. Now be nice and get out of the room? I have to think about Wolvian’s and CAJ’s match

Supermy stands up again but Pandora goes away before the giant can catch her.

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