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Wildthing psyched up for the match @ FtB

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1Wildthing psyched up for the match @ FtB Empty Wildthing psyched up for the match @ FtB on Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:15 am


The arena lights turn off, and the titatron as well. Nothing could be seen except for the emergency steps that created almost a candle lights from an aerial point of view.

Connor: What is going on Christian? I was told by Phenom that we're caught up on the electric bill.

Christian: I don't know. I am as confused as you are.

???: Are you ready for Fade to Black!? I sure am.

The lights turn on showing nooses hanging from the rafters circling the ring. The titatron comes on and Wildthing is seen in what appears to be a laboratory.

Wildthing: My sincere apologies for not being there at this time, but I am sure everyone as seen the decorations that I had arranged.

Christian: Quite cozy isn't it Connor?

Connor: Shut up.

Wildthing: This Sunday at Fade to Black, two men will face each other until one has completely blacked out and can no longer fight. Although I am not planning on being that one who will be unconscious after the match. I plan on being like these noose that you see, the cause of the unconscious. See ya all later.

The titaron goes back to normal. However the nooses are still hung around the ring.

Christian: Will this be a metaphor to one of the two at Fade to Black?

Connor: Obviously, because their match will not end in a pin fall, or a normal submission, but until one man is completely unconscious.

Fade out

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