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Champ Playing some Games

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1Champ Playing some Games Empty Champ Playing some Games on Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:53 am


As the fans cheer "The Good Life" Blast through the arena and suddenly it goes dark. Now one single spot light colored red shines on the ramp. Inside of it is a black chaos symbol. Soon Khaos is seen standing in the center of the spot light. Raising the Demanufacture title above his head with his right arm, different colored fire works go off before a wall of fire explodes behind him. Now making his way to the ring Khaos grabs a mic. from the near by stage crew members then enters the ring and the lights slowly turn back on as the music slowly fades out soon followed by the evil smerk and a crowd full of boos.

I'm not going to stand here and waist very much of you all's time by talking so im going to get straight to the point. Last week we all say AnthraX being carried out of the arena. What a sad site it was to see. He was so close to getting a title shot but there he went and blew it.

As Khaos talks he steps out of the ring and grabs the ring bell and carries it back over to the ring where he slides it under the bottom rope. Getting back into the ring he picks it up and sets it on the top turnbuckle

However, I feel so bad that depite what management things i'm still going to give AnthraX his title shot. That's right i'm going to give him his title shot and i'm going to give it to him right now.

Speaking these words Khaos takes off his ATW shirt revealing a black and white striped shirt that the refs. wear. Standing in the center of the ring. Holding his title in front of him he stares down at it.

This Match is One Fall and will be for the Demanufactured Championship. In this match there will be DQ's and there will be Count outs. The only way AnthraX can win the title is by pin fall or submission.

After saying that Khaos rasies the title high above his head showing it to each side of the crowd as a normal ref. would do. Setting the title underneath one of the ropes he stands in the center of the ring once again.

Seeing how AnthraX has yet to make his way to the ring we are going to start the count. If he doesn't make it by the count of ten he will be counted out and Khaos will retain his championship.

One!!!!! Two!!!!!! Three!!!!!! Four!!!!! Five!!!!! Six!!!!! Seven!!!!! Eight!!!!! Nine!!!!

Just as Khaos raises his hand for the nine count AnthraX's music hits the arena. The crowd gives a mixed reaction. A few moments go by and no one comes out. In the ring Khaos has a sick smile on his face followed by laughter.


Here is your winner and Fooled everyone one of you dumb (Beep) Idiots Still the Demanufactured Champion Khaos!!!!!

Walking back over to the corner of the ring Khaos picks his title back up and jumps up and down in joy acting like he actually just defended his title. With the smirk still on his face he quit jumping then stood in the ring with serious look on his face as someone's music hit the arena.

((OOC: thought this could be right before my match and whatnot)))

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