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its good to be the king!

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1 its good to be the king! on Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:57 pm

Deep within the dark caverns of the underbelly of the city screams are heard. Voices in the distance calling out in agony. The camera fades in on Wolvian's throne room. He is slightly amused as he walks up to his throne. Hetrns towards the camera to speak to his minions the Paladins.

Wolvian: Last week I showed the world just who the most dominate forcein this federation was! I defeated the so on coming storm! He was nothing more than slight gust of wind! He may have been tough for some, But not for me!

Wolvian sits on his down on his throne.

Wolvian: But tonight we shall see all four of my rivials for the world title in tag team action! The winning tag team shall gain the finial points it takes to make it to the PPV!

One of the Paladins steps up and hands Wolvian a clip board. He then steps back.

Wolvian: Of course I realize that only one of them will make it to the ppv! Wich ever member of the tag team actually gets the win will be the one that I will face. So not only are they going to have to work together to win a match they will also be working against each other to get the spot at the PPV! Its quite the little plan to weaken them all four this season pitting them against each other. But like we say in the pit. Only the strong survive, and the weak sink!

Wolvian looks over the rest of the papers on the clip board. He then gets a grin on his face.

Wolvian: So I see that my sister's re-education is going well! She should be ready for phase three very shortly!

The Paladin steps back forward and takes the clip board and walks away.

Wolvian: Now on to new topics at hand. This on growing fungus thats calling them selves Sadness. I was really hoping that Phenom would have taken care of this Emo problem by himself. But it seems that the lead Emo chick has some sort of crush on me? So she pitts me against Phenom knowing full well her own lozer boy friend doesnt have any sort of talent or chops to take Phenom himself! But one thing she didnt count on.... That Darkness is always several moves ahead of all these weak minded chumps who dare to oppose us!

Wolvian stands up walks over to a wall with all his trophies from past seasons on it. He then pushes a button on the wall and out of the ground rises a table with a board on it. As it stops the Paladins rush over and set up the pieces on the board. They then step away after it is all set up. Wolvian looks down at the board and at all the pieces. He then looks at Dark Red King piece and picks it up.

Wolvian: Its good to be the king!

He laughs as the camera fades out.

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