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One More Week

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1One More Week Empty One More Week on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:44 pm

Eternal Eclipse

Eternal Eclipse
n array of fireworks burst from underneath the titan-tron. The colors of red, blue and white light up the arena. Reliant K - Devastation and reform plays across the arena's loud speakers. Eternal Eclipse appears from behind the stage. He's in his usual clothes, A black leather jacket, fine black jeans and red sports gloves. The man makes his way down the stage bouncing on each step he takes. His white hair staying perfectly still as he goes. As EE reaches the ring he runs over the the steps on the far left turnbuckle. He makes his way up and over the rope into the center of the ring. He reaches for a microphone out of his pocket.*

Eternal Eclipse: One more week... One more week until the next ATW PPV. One more week of waiting. One more week until I get my hands on the man who ruined my life and career! My father, Carter Bilodeau Sr.!

*EE fiery rages comes out of him. He is like a sleeping lion that has been poked to long*

Eternal Eclipse: Now it's time for this. As you know, I have the best men on the job of finding and capturing my father and bring him here to me next week. You all have seen there brutality. It is just a taste of violence from what I am going to do to my father next week!

*EE points to the arena entrance.*

Eternal Eclipse: You cannot hide from me! I will spare no expense to find you. Besides... It's your money.

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