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Going for the HatTrick

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1Going for the HatTrick Empty Going for the HatTrick on Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:37 pm


*Camera show's The Killaz locker room , darkness is everything but in the middle of the room , a spot light enlights DD from the back , seating on a chair with his head lean forword*

*Screaming voices in absurd are heard in the room as DD shakes his head left and right / left and right*

*For a moment , he stops and in a fraction of a second , he rises quick and aproches and grabs the cam and puts his face in the front of it covering the hole image with a psychopatic stare*

DD : Didn't had enough ? Want to color the ring red again with your blood ? That's no big deal to me and as a matter of fact , that's my objective tonight ! The reign of supremacy of The Killaz won't stop until we become the Double Helix Tag Team Champions and I asure that nobody is strong enough to stop us ! NEW BLOOD get your friends , your friends friends and come fight The Killaz couse just you two phatetic little creatures don't stand a chance againts us !

*DD pushes the camera away and steps beside with his stare straight in the cam*

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