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Its good to be the boss

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1Its good to be the boss Empty Its good to be the boss on Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:20 pm

Vivica Lockhart

Vivica Lockhart
Danielson: And welcome back, minutes ago we recieved word from general manager Vivica Lockhart about the upcoming main event between Phenom the vampire Lord and World Archetype Champion Wolvian

The camera switches to the clip as we see a title block which reads "Vivica Lockhart-General Manager"..the camera zooms out to reveal the office which has be redesigned and turns to see Vivica Lockhart sitting on a new leather chair with Naven X standing behind her

VL: Hello ATW fans this is your General Manager Vivica Lockhart..and as you can see I have remade the GM office to my liking, the moving workers did an excellent job throwing away all the junk that was in here..

Vivica looks back at satisfied naven who is laughing vigorously, Vivica leans back on the chair

VL: Anyway, I have some information about the main event tonight between Phenom the vampire lord and Wolvian, as you all know they are both members of Darkness and I don't want any interference. So to make sure this match goes well, any darkness members that are NOT having a match tonight are banned from the arena!

a sound of cheering fans are heard in the background

VL: Thank for your time, now on with the show.. CHA!!

camera fades

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